Dalmatinski sirevi
Može li se kreirati kvalitetna internet trgovina za distribuciju hrane i pića?

New Name for old Pleasures and how to bring old traditions to digital age

Dalmatinski sirevi are manufacturing company from Split, Croatia which specialized in dairy products, continuing long lasting tradition of processing dairy products without adding additives and preservatives.

For Connect team it was a journey of rediscovering those old traditions and in the end finding solution how to introduce their business to digital age with modern e-commerce solution.

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Cheese making and dairy processing is not an easy job. It needs to incorporate multiple factors into the manufacturing process beside the obvious one - milk. To provide multiple dairy products each different then the other and also keep the high quality it is necessary to master that manufacturing process:

  • type of rennet

  • milk fat percentage

  • good bacteria presence

  • ripening time

as each traditional product depends heavily on those factors and how each of them affect final product also keeping in mind enthusiasm they had when they entered the market.

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Tradition is important to Dalmatinski sirevi which they accented when they reached us to guide them into the digital market with new branding campaign and design solution. 

End result is newly designed e-commerce website, describing their wide variety of dairy products also available for sale on a e-commerce platform as well as a web solution gateway for new B2B partners in order for them to reach more customer.


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Dalmatinski sirevi
Connect - Sustav Informacija j.d.o.o., Alan Slapar
19 siječnja, 2020
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